Uyirile Kalanthathu


Suriya (Suriya) is a medical college student and Priya (Jyothika) is his girlfriend. Sethu Vinayagam (Sivakumar) is Suriya’s father whilst Raghuram (Raghuvaran) is his elder brother, who is the collector of the district. Suriya is the youngest son of the family and this gives much heartburn to Raghuram. Their rivalry begins from childhood and can be illustrated by the scene where the elder brother pinches his baby brother just to see him cry. The jealousy grows into adulthood. His whole aim in life is to see that Suriya’s life in beset with problems, thanks to him. However, Suriya and his parents are blissfully unaware of the jealousy that has possessed Raghuram. When he discovers the love between Suriya and Priya, he passes on the word to Priya’s elder brother who is a known rowdy around the area. He does this thinking that the rowdy would manage to beat up Suriya and perhaps separate both Suriya and Priya. This plan backfires, when the rowdy is more than happy to get them both married because more than anything, he cares about his sister’s happiness. Raghuram then pushes Suriya over a cliff edge.

The rest of the movie is about whether Raghuram will find the love and care that he has always yearned for from his parents. Later, in the court, Suriya is revealed to be alive and he unites with his family as well as Priya, and his brother is sent for treatment.

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