Vishudhan is a 2013 Malayalam movie. Vishudhan tells the story of a violinist Sunny. The unexpected events happening in Sunny’s life makes the plot of this movie.

Vavachan is a wealthy man,who has an agreement Snehalayam, an institution working under the church that the body of any person dying there would be handed over a hospital that he owns to study as a cavender. A murder initiated by Vavachan’s son,a doctor at the hospital,takes place when they have a shortage of dead bodies. This incident is seen by Anumol, who is the daughter of Jose who is the gravedigger of the church. She informs this to sister Sophie and Father Sunny. Their reaction to this incident develops at Snehalayam. At the present time Vavachan is spreading the false rumor that Sophie and Father Sunny is in a relationship and the other events happening there forms the rest of the narrative.

Other subplots like a girl sent to study nursing and the inmate of the church asking for a hindu way of funeral while some ends and other leave some loose ends.In between there is romance of Sunny and Sophie after they take of their holy attire takes the movie to a new terrain.